Murder and manslaughter are one of the worst things that you can be charged with. If you are charged with murder, you will need best criminal lawyer in Oshawa to get you off this case and prove your innocence. The investigation process of the murder is very harsh and you should always ask for your lawyer; when you are brought in for the questioning. If you are unable to find a suitable lawyer or cannot afford one; then the state will appoint a lawyer on your behalf. The best thing to do is to hire the best criminal law firm to represent you because murder is a serious charge and you need to get out of it.

If you live in Toronto; then you should look for the best Toronto criminal law firm to represent you. You can search on the internet and the newspaper for the ads of the law firm that you can represent you. You need to follow the simple steps when you are charged with a murder.

  • Make sure that the lawyer is present when the authorities are questioning you. This will allow the lawyer to make an exit strategy and he will also tend to observe the behavior of the authorities. The authorities will try to manipulate you and make a strong case against you but with a lawyer present; you can tackle them with ease. The lawyer will advise you when to speak and how much you should reveal to the authorities.
  • The next step that you will face is the trial. In this step, your lawyer will try to prove your innocence and create doubt in the minds of the jury. He will take certain steps to make sure that the prosecutor’s case weakens and you are not accused of murder. Oshawa defense lawyers will help the witnesses to prepare their statement and let them know how important they are in the light of judgment made by the jury.
  • When you are in the court; you need to make sure that you are not intimidated by the other lawyer’s question. As you are accused of murder; you will be cross questioned by the prosecutor and they will try to shake you and make you angry. You should always stay calm during the court because if you do not behave well during the court; the jury will see this as a bad thing and this can affect their judgment.
  • Pleading guilty is an option that is presented to the accused person. When there are strong evidences against you and it is likely that you will be found guilty. Only at this state of time; you should plead guilty. This will allow getting some relaxation in sentence. You should plead guilty by taking advice from your defense lawyer.
    Keep in mind that a criminal lawyer is the only person that can keep you away from the jail when you are charged with murder. So; you should always cooperate with the lawyer as he will help you to avoid living the rest of life in prison.

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